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Crowns are a dental restorative material that are used to restore the proper form and function of a tooth that has been debilitated by dental caries, trauma, neglect, or large defective existing restorations. They are fabricated to completely cover a tooth as a thimble would cover a tip of a finger. The crowns are made from several materials such as all ceramic crowns, which are very esthetic and strong. Porcelain fused to gold metal are fabricated primarily for back teeth. Solid gold crowns are made, as well, for back molar teeth. In most cases, crown fabrication takes two visits. The first visit involves preparation of a tooth, an impression and a temporary acrylic tooth is made. The permanent crown will take three weeks to fabricate by a dental laboratory. The crown is permanently cemented to the tooth on the second visit.

You have probably seen a person smiling at you exposing a dark margin of a crown at the gumline. New materials and clinical methods allow us to create invisible tooth restorations. They include naturally translucent all-glass-ceramic crowns, porcelain veneers, porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns with porcelain margins, and gingival plastic surgery, and much more.

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